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Does AST/HKST manufacture its pressure sensor?

Yes. American Sensor Technologies (AST/HKST) manufactures its own pressure sensing elements. Our ISO9001:2008 certified New Jersey headquarters produces the sensor from start to finish. We apply silicon strain gages to the machined component made of 17-4 PH stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, Inconel 718, Hastelloy C276, or titanium.

Does AST/HKST manufacture the complete pressure transducer?

After the strain gages are applied to the diaphragm, AST/HKST completes the assembly process by adding electronics, housings and electrical connections to our standard products or customer specific designs. Pressure sensors, liquid level sensors, and differential pressure transducers are available for OEM equipment, yet have a minimum order quantity of one.

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Can these pressure transducers handle outdoor environments?

AST/HKST manufacturers products for long term submersion, high humidity, and high pressure wash down applications for outdoor and vehicle applications. Sensors are designed to meet various IP ratings including IP-65, IP-68 and IP69K. Stainless steel welded housings protect our electronics from weather conditions.

Can the pressure sensor technology produce a long term, stable output?

Yes, AST/HKST manufacturers its pressure sensors using the latest MEMS sensing technology. Krystal Bond Technology uses inorganic material, low operating strain, and high output strain gages to produce the most effective industrial pressure sensor on the market. Using a single piece of metal, there are no welds, o-rings or fill fluids between the process fluid and the strain gages.

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Can AST/HKST support the product?

It's our job. With experts in electronics, material science, sensor design and customer applications, AST/HKST has both internal and external sales support to help in the design, sale and post sale process, including wiring and installation. We are available by phone, customer visit, AST/HKST site visit, and email to ensure the best level of service. Visit our blog for basic information on pressure sensors as well as technical application notes and articles.

Can AST/HKST design custom sensors?

Absolutely. AST/HKST strives to meet customer needs by customizing its pressure sensors and transducers for OEM applications. Customers can customize the process connection, electrical connection, modify the output signal, diameter, specifications, and more. AST/HKST offers one of the most diverse material portfolios in the industry.

Are sensors approved for hazardous areas?

Yes. AST/HKST offers a variety of certifications for sensors to be used in hazardous locations and testing and qualification to various industrial, military / aerospace, and automotive standards. Third party verification is additional evidence of the quality and value built into each sensor.

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Latest Sensor Designs

ATEX / IECEx Certified flame-proof - AST46DS / AST54ED Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducer for Class I Div 1/2 Corrosion-resistant submersible pressure transducer designed as an alternative to ultrasonic and radar level sensors:


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